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At Packaged Plant Solutions we’re dedicated to creating the highest quality prefabricated modular solutions, from packaged plant rooms and energy centres to pre-assembled modules with Heat Interface Units (HIUs) in utility cupboards.

Our team of experts will work with you to design, specify, manufacture, test and deliver the heating, power and/or energy solution that is right for your project. Our comprehensive range of bespoke solutions are designed and built by our experienced engineers, and tailored to match your project’s unique requirements.

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There are numerous proven benefits to off site manufacturing, attributed partly to working in a dry, organised, quality controlled environment

Product quality is assured, cost is known and waste is minimised. Most importantly however, is the focus we can give to the health and safety of the entire project team.

A fully integrated team in one place, helps to coordinate and speed up the process of design and manufacture. The result is a factory made, fully-tested unit, saving installation time and reducing costs for skilled labour on-site.

Prefabrication has many advantages:

  • CIBSE estimate that on average a 13.4% cost saving can be achieved when prefabricating compared to conventional on-site builds
  • Installation time can be reduced by up to 64% compared with on site construction (CIBSE)
  • Reduces risk for all stakeholders as everything is quality controlled, factory assembled and pre-tested prior to arriving on site, ready for installation and commissioning
  • Offers greater quality control, accuracy and efficiency as everything is manufactured in a controlled environment
  • Can dramatically reduce material waste
  • Health and safety is improved due to the reduced activity on site and associated hot work
  • Installation is simpler reducing the need for specialists on site – especially important due to current labour and skills shortages within the construction industry


We look forward to helping you with your next project. Our expert team is always on hand to answer your questions, whether you have a detailed plan, or just want to talk through the options.


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