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Tailor-made prefabricated solutions


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Why Prefabricate

why prefabricate?

When specifying a prefabricated solution, there is design and cost certainty from the start of the project - every aspect is defined to the smallest detail. Waste is minimised and time will be saved.

The overall lifecycle of the project is consistent, and the asset data helps with facilities management.

Manufacturing takes place in a clean, controlled environment, ensuring product quality and retention of the original specification details. The result is a factory-made, fully tested unit that is ready to install and simple to commission.

CAD Drawings, Packaged Plant Solutions

Benefits of prefabrication

  • Time and labour saving, both on and off site, compared to conventional on-site builds
  • Cost saving - CIBSE estimates an average of 13.4% cost saving compared to on-site builds
  • Quality control - built to ISO 9001 in a clean, controlled environment and fully tested before arriving on-site
  • Material waste is reduced both on and off-site, reducing environmental impact
  • Asset management is improved through better design and records
  • Health and safety is improved due to reduced activity on site and the requirement for hot works
  • Installation is simplified due to reduced need for on site specialist trades
  • Reduced risk for all stakeholders as everything is quality-controlled, factory-assembled and pre-tested prior to arriving on site, ready for installation and commissioning

CAD Drawings, Packaged Plant Solutions