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Close up detail of a heating interface unit

Heat Interface Unit (HIU) Utility Cupboards


Boiler Plant Rooms


Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Plant Rooms

Boiler inside a packaged plant container

Chilled Water Pump Rooms


Energy Centres



View of a skid with details


Modular process skid packages can provide a wealth of benefits to ensure that your project is delivered to time and quality. 

Our modular skids can replace part of a system that is obsolete or be designed to fulfil new build requirements. Existing operations can continue to generate revenue as we ensure that the modular skid is designed and built offsite in optimal factory conditions. 

We will deliver it to your site where utilities and piping can be connected (plug and play). Working to your specification we ensure that our skids are manufactured to meet your needs at the highest quality.

View of a skid with details
A skid ready to ship as part of a packaged plant solution


Designed and built by our in-house experienced engineers in our 50,000 sq ft facility. The design and construction of your skid will be in optimum plant conditions, ensuring operations can continue to generate revenue. 

Our equipment design enables us to layer components, thus freeing up space by ensuring a smaller footprint and optimising space, a key requirement for any skid. The system will be fully assembled and tested when it arrives at your site. 

Our modular skids have integral frames that hold the unit as a single piece enabling ease of transportation.